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Music is a big part of our household. I learnt piano as a kid from about the age 5 until the age of 10 when I decided that Classical Piano wasn’t ‘cool’

The great thing about learning music is that after a few years your fingers remember and you can always go back to it at some other point in your life. 

My boys play piano and drums, and although the following apps are great, there’s nothing quite like a physical musical instrument to play and practice on.

The following are some music apps that I hope you’ll enjoy 

WAAY, iPhone, $5.99

This is a great beginners course on music theory that one of my boys got absolutely addicted to and got three stars in every section over the course of many weeks.

He was a lot quicker than me! It took me at least two months to get three stars on everything.

But before you panic, the stars are only based on time to complete quizzes (you get one just for finishing!) and the videos are simple, straightforward and don’t assume you have any background in music. Can’t write enough about this one, definitely worth the price.