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Fortnite and other nefarious addictions

HELP My Children Are Addicted!!

My kids play video games. I’m a bad parent!

A lot of us, as parents have probably felt that in someway we are doing the wrong thing by letting our kids play video games. Screen time is a hot topic in the 21st-century and sometimes we are judged on how much or how little screen time our children get.

My children love playing Fortnite and guess what, so do I! At the end of the day after dinner we logon and play together. Fortnight has a number of modes and the one my kids love most is called squads. This is groups of four working together to win the match.

We talk a lot about what it means to be a good team mate, that you have to share your stuff whether it be weapons, shields or health. That you have to stick together, and if one of your teammates goes down you need to revive them.

This has led to many arguments in nearly every game we play. What gets shared, why didn’t you stick together, how come you didn’t revive your teammates? All in all great conversations for two 9 year old boys who are super competitive.

I think my mum summed it up best when she told me as a child, “all things in moderation“.

So if you’re worried about your kids playing video games, I’d suggest grabbing a controller and sitting down together to see what conversations you can have about life and the challenges your child or children are facing. 

‘Cause video games are something that children the world over relate to, and if you speak in their language they might just understand some of the life lessons that we so desperately want to teach them.