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There’s a lot of language apps out there however my favourite and the one I’ve been using for a long time is Duolingo.

There’s a Duolingo for kids however if your children around eight or nine and you help them, the regular version of Duolingo is fine.


Duolingo link

This app has a lot of great functionality. it’s not a game per se however it uses gamification amazingly well.

There’s a streak counter to track how many consecutive days you’ve studied, there are badges, crowns for when you complete a unit, you can add friends, follow people and there are leaderboards, many, many leaderboards.

It’s best to incentivise your kids with crowns not streaks.

I myself had 164 day streak, missed two days (after my streak freeze expired) and fell into a deep dark depression and didn’t pick it up for another two months.

Don’t do that to your kids. It was horrible.

Duolingo for Kids

I haven’t tested this much it looks pretty good. The link is for the Apple App Store. I couldn’t find it on Google Play for Android though you might have some more luck.

Japanese Test for beginners by b1rDi3x's App

Japanese Test for beginners by b1rDi3x's App

I love this app, I’m addicted to it. I found it after downloading a whole bunch of learning Japanese apps to try and help me keep up with my boys learning Japanese, and it’s fantastic.

I can’t find it on android, which is annoying as I bought my boys android phones. Let’s face it Apple has lost the education market.

This app tests your knowledge of Japanese characters with a timer.

A friend of mine‘s daughter got one minute 26 seconds for the base Hiragana characters and I can’t seem to get below one minute 40 something. Super Frustrating!!!

Japanese Dungeon Game

Japanese dungeon game iPhone link

Japanese dungeon game Google play link

I downloaded this for my kids on android because I couldn’t find the Japanese test one I love so much.

Thought I would try it on iPhone before putting it up on the webpage about an hour ago. It’s great for learning the letters of Japanese and a fun game for the kids .... however, as it uses energy that you only get over time but can buy, it is aimed to be addictive and have your children and ask if they can spend $1.49 for more energy to keep playing.

you have been warned......