Online Education and Games

Online Education and Games


Online Education with a focus on Primary and EduGames

My philosophy!

I’ve been interested in online education and gaming since the arrival of the first iPad.

This site aims to identify some of the best online platforms for both education and for Edu gaming.

I believe the technology is here to allow every student the ability to have a real-time individual learning plan (ILP) that they can progress through the Australian national curriculum with via games and activities that both challenge them and reward them at their own pace.

Australian Curriculum 


The Australian curriculum website gives a host of information around the progress and learning stages that all students in Australia are supposed to progress through.

it’s well worth a visit and my hope is that if I look at it and see where my kids are supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be learning I can find some apps that are going to help them in that process, and which I’ll share with you.

Australian Curriculum 

English Stuff

Cool Platforms and Games for English

The Australian curriculum for year four (my focus at the moment) has three areas.

  • Language 
  • Literature 
  • Literacy

Maths Stuff 

Cool Platforms and Games for Maths

There are hundreds if not thousands of maths games out there. It’s  a very easy subject to create games for especially at the primary level

However, not all games are created equal and my focus is on those that provide feedback to allow your child to progress through the curriculum.

The ones I’ve listed here other ones I use at home and I think you’ll find them useful.

Music Stuff

Cool music apps

Music is a big part of our household. I learnt piano as a kid from about the age 5 until the age of 10 when I decided that Classical Piano wasn’t ‘cool’

The great thing about learning music is that after a few years your fingers remember and you can always go back to it at some other point in your life. 

My boys play piano and drums, and although the following apps are great, there’s nothing quite like a physical musical instrument to play and practice on.

The following are some music apps that I hope you’ll enjoy 

Language Stuff

Cool Language Apps

There’s a lot of language apps out there however my favourite and the one I’ve been using for a long time is Duolingo.

There’s a Duolingo for kids however if your children around eight or nine and you help them, the regular version of Duolingo is fine.